Kirk, Clarence, Val…and Wesley

Not much has changed in two years.

There’s still a chain link fence around the Market House, and Kirk deViere has some work to do to keep his N.C. Senate seat.

Former District Court Judge, Clarence “Ed” Donaldson, and former City Council member, Val Applewhite have filed to run against deViere in the upcoming Democratic primary.

Donaldson lost to deViere in the 2018 Democratic primary, running under his given name “Clarence”:

Donaldson will appear on the ballot as “Ed” this time around. Fool me once?

The winner of the Democratic primary is likely to face Wesley Meredith (R), who also filed this week.

Meredith has been longing for his old seat for the past four years. He’s lost to deViere twice now, but perhaps Meredith believes that a nation-wide Republican surge in response to the floundering Biden Administration will give him an advantage in 2022. He may be right.

This is a good time to remind folks that in 2018, I predicted the result of the Meredith/deViere race within a few hundredths of a percentage point:

Might be time to get the calculator out again.

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