Cumberland’s Congressional Power Diluted Again

For as long as I can remember, Cumberland County has been chopped up into various Congressional Districts. This limits our influence in Washington and our ability to elect “one of our own” to Congress.

Due to recent court rulings, the legislature was forced to redraw the Congressional map, and for a short while, it looked like we might finally get our chance.

Our new “District 7” looked like this:

It was essentially the “Cape Fear River” District, and it was competitive. Either a Democrat or a Republican could win it. As a proponent of moderation in a time of partisan insanity, this was a dream.

Like most dreams, it was too good to be true. The courts got involved again and re-drew the re-draw.

The map now looks like this:

Fayetteville is split in two. My every-other-day running loop is now in two congressional districts:

The new District 7 and District 9 are not “competitive.” A Republican will win each, easily.

What It Means

Fayetteville’s voting power in Washington will remain diluted for the foreseeable future. It will be difficult for a Cumberland resident to win one of these seats. Our best hope is a local Republican with resources and political savvy, and perhaps a boat to ride up or down the Cape Fear River and make a big enough splash.

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