Biden and Basketball

Everyone’s got their own opinion as to why Joe Biden came back from the dead and cleaned up yesterday.

Before I give you mine, let me point out that Cross Creek Divide viewers saw this coming long before anyone else. Our poll from early February predicted Biden would win, back when Biden was polling in the teens nationally and Bernie was running away with it:

So why’d the tables turn so fast? Here’s my take:

Joe Biden ran for President twice before 2020, but he never won a single state in a Presidential primary. People tend to forget his shortcomings because he is universally recognized as Obama’s V.P., and they won, together. But prior to this week, Joe Biden’s solo efforts on the national stage had always come up short.

Joe needed to show that he could actually win. He did that in South Carolina, and then the floodgates opened. He won a lot more yesterday.

It all seems so simple doesn’t it? It is in theory, but it’s hard in practice. To illustrate the point and since it’s March, here’s a basketball metaphor:

A defense won’t guard a player on the perimeter unless he can make a three-pointer. We call this “respecting the shot.” Here’s LeBron James showing no respect for his opponent’s outside game:

Image result for lebron james no respect defense

This isn’t lazy defense by the way. It’s smart. On this play, LeBron’s opponent was goaded into shooting and missed badly.

If you can’t make an outside shot, the defense will continue to sit back and take away your high-percentage (close) shots, and your chances to score dwindle. You lose Iowa, then New Hampshire, and outsiders like Mike Bloomberg start putting campaign offices on Hay Street and using ad-buys to steal your Tar Heel voters.

Speaking of voters, they’re smart. They’re not going to go out of their way to get into your camp unless you can demonstrate that you’re the real deal. With each miss, it starts to look very bleak, very fast.

So how do you get the defense to respect you? You make one three. Just one. It changes the game.

Biden hit a last-minute three in South Carolina and gained respect across the Nation. Doubts about his ability to win were vanquished along with Pete, Amy, and “Little Michael” a few days later. The nomination is now Biden’s to lose.

Someone to Watch

This take is stolen from my wife: Jill Biden will be a serious asset to her husband’s chances this Fall, and she is the perfect “foil” for the Trumps.

Jill is smart, accomplished, and likeable. Women across America will relate to her.

Image result for jill biden protestor

She also stands by her man, literally.

I know Republican readers won’t want to hear this, but Trump’s in trouble. Deep down he knows it. That’s why he spent so much effort trying to keep “Sleepy Joe” from waking up.

It’s going to be a fun ride.

Trump and Fear in 2020

Donald Trump is a master of manipulating one of the most powerful forces in the human consciousness: fear. All master salesmen know how to use the fear of missing out to their advantage. Trump made you feel like your American Dream was being stolen, and he was the only one to protect it from all of those who weren’t looking after you.

Human beings have an inherent, primal response to fear: fight or flight. Not going anywhere, or perhaps stuck in same place, working class people were sick of eight years of Obama, anxious at their prospects, tired of a complicit establishment, and wanting someone to fight for them. Trump gladly obliged and urged Americans to fight back themselves.

At least one man in Fayetteville listened:

Prior to the events this week, I think Trump had a greater than 50% chance of being re-elected. The primary reason was that despite all of his aggravating nonsense on Twitter, he hadn’t made any real policy blunders. The economy is doing just fine, people generally like tax cuts, and Trump hadn’t started a war. In the meantime, Democratic candidates were tripping over their vision for the future, specifically whether they want to annihilate the current health care system and start from scratch. Most of the opposition to another Trump term centered around the man himself, which typically isn’t good enough to defeat a sitting president.

All of that changed with a drone strike in Iraq.

We’re now sending thousands of troops to the middle east to deal with growing unrest, and the Iraqi Parliament asked us to leave the country. In the midst of all this, Trump is threatening escalation against Iran in the form of “disproportionate” attacks, sanctions, and military strikes on “cultural” sites.

I’m going to take a quick detour, because the last one really aggravates me:

Cultural sites are political and religious sites that carry inherent meaning. When you destroy a cultural site, you are wiping away the identify of a group of people and a piece of human history.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 600px-General_view_of_Persepolis%2C_Iran_%282%29_%28cropped%29.jpg
Ancient City of Persepolis – Destroyed by Alexander the Great in 330 B.C. – Iran

Imagine how angry you would be if the Iranian President threatened an attack on the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, or the Washington Monument. There’s a reason the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were attacked on 9/11. Trump is advocating the same kind of thing, only in Iran, “cultural sites” often mean places of religious significance.

Americans do not attack cultural or religious sites. It’s a war crime and violates treaties that are decades old. Not even the Nazi’s did that, choosing instead to claim these sites as their own, rather than destroy them.

Nazi German flag being raised over Acropolis, 1941.

After the news of the drone strike, we quickly learned that thousands of our neighbors in Fort Bragg were being shipped overseas. Lines to get on base are backing up the All-American Freeway in the morning. It’s more of the same, but it’s still terrifying. “WWIII” and “draft” are trending on Twitter. That’s what happens when your Commander in Chief gets on there and threatens “disproportionate” military action.

Trump is scaring the hell out of America all over again, only the reason for the fear is not Mexicans, or Chinese, or swampy democrats, or crooked Hillary. The reason for the fear is Donald J. Trump. No one knows what he’ll do next as he trips his way through this hornet nest. The political landscape for 2020 is changing under our feet, and it’s not to the President’s advantage.

Image result for trump jr. instagram gun"

Maybe Jr. will help in his father’s crusade. It’s now become likely that they’ve got less than a year to finish it.