The Coming Test

As America emerges from the grey clouds of the pandemic, our differences seem sharp and clear. Some credit goes to the Supreme Court, which expanded gun rights in the face of continued mass killings and ended a constitutional right to abortion that existed for almost 50 years. On the economic front, we face record inflation and energy prices. A recession seems imminent and each party wants to blame the other. But who has a solution?

President Biden is too old to govern effectively and his poll numbers reflect this. Former President Trump’s popularity is dwindling in Republican circles. I hope both Trump and Biden will either get out of the way or be forced out. Their moment is past. If neither runs, it opens the door for each party to put forward their best and brightest and have a legitimate debate about the future of America.

This is an important moment. We desperately need this battle, because we’re living in two different countries. One is red, white and rural and the other is blue, brown, and urban, and we are long past due for a legitimate debate about how to reconcile the two.

We can’t both be right. We learned that in 1865. Have we forgotten? Ultimate questions will not go away because we’re busy watching Netflix, and they can’t hide behind cloth masks.

Who are we? Who are we going to be? Do we even care?

Whether we like it or not, we will be tested. Our Constitution will be tested. Is it still in us as Americans to rise to the occasion? Can it still work?

We’re going to find out.

One response

  1. I thought Biden was too old to run in 2020. However, I can’t think of anyone else who could have pulled together the international cooperation to aid Ukraine. He has also been hit with one disaster after another(not of his making) and the idea that the democrats control the US House, US Senate and the White house is a fiction when the Senate Republicans can block any initiative (with or without the help of Joe Manchin). Given the circumstances, Biden has actually accomplished a great deal (covid relief, economic assistance, an infrastructure deal, in addition to the international efforts. Certainly we are in a much better place than we would have been had Trump won.


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