Stagnant School Statistics

There is an average of 10.86 hospitalized covid patients in each county in North Carolina.

1,086 / 100 (counties) = 10.86 patients per county


There are 1,553,334 public school students in North Carolina.

That’s an average of 15,533 students per county.


As you might expect after seeing the first figure, our health care system is not being overrun. In fact, the number of “in use” hospital beds has decreased while covid “positives” have increased over the past month.


As we do not have a cure for Covid-19, these numbers are likely to look very similar by the end of 2020.


How long do you want to keep schools shut down?

When is it worth the risk to open them up again?

I think it is now.

If it gets bad, we can always shut it down. But we should absolutely try.

Disclaimer: I have an agenda. It’s called my children’s future.

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