Predictable Divides

Fayetteville was in the Washington Post today.

You should read the article. It’s about race.

“The divisions are not always predictable.”

“In Fayetteville, many young activists have cared little about renaming Fort Bragg or what the city does with the Market House — even as a diverse coalition calls for it to be torn down — but they have become particularly incensed over the words painted on the street around the structure, which they say symbolize the overcautiousness of a council not wanting to offend.”

I think the author gets it wrong about the “unpredictability” of the divides. Of course, I started a blog to write about them, so I’m biased.

My take: the divisions are alive and well and paint will do nothing to solve them. In fact, this paint job probably made them worse by angering both sides.

But that’s my take. Make your own decisions about these issues.

You live here.

2 responses

  1. The council needs to be careful what they vote for, they were elected for all citizens, any obvious or outright bias is simply not acceptable


  2. Will they let the next group come along and paint all lives matter maybe at the road in front of a planned parenthood office in Fayetteville . Have they opened a can of worms or will this be the cure all for all things unjust towards those who feel like they are victims?


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