Trump is Going to Lose

I realize this headline is not welcome news to roughly 45-55% of the people who read this blog. But it’s true. I call it like I see it. Feel free to keep reading, or not. It’s still the truth.

In 2018, I wrote a post comparing Trump to a “red giant” star.

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A “red giant” is a dying star in its last stages of evolution.  It burns up all the fuel at its core and the nuclear reactions move outward.  As the star cools, it expands, swallowing up planets and any other matter that gets in its way.

Donald Trump is the red giant of the 2018 election.  Republicans cannot escape his influence, good or bad.  He won’t let them.  He interjects himself (often intentionally) into every issue and every down-ballot race.  It’s always about him, and thus it will be in November.

Well, that was then. Something happened in 2020.

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It’s still happening. It’s microscopic in size, but this little red ball has absorbed everything in its path. It’s changing our lives, for the worse.

I’m not attempting to blame Trump for America’s Covid woes. A great deal of it is out of his hands, but Europe is going back to work and school, and we’re still struggling across the pond.


The Buck Stops Here - Tunnel Hill Baptist Church

It doesn’t matter why. All that matters is the problem won’t go away and Trump is still in charge. People will give you the benefit of the doubt for a while, but eventually you need to show them you have a plan to get out of the quagmire. Thus far, Trumps only plan has been to act like the quagmire is a “conspiracy” to stop his re-election.

After I wrote that last sentence, I checked the President’s twitter feed. He posted this one minute ago:

Trump’s inevitable hang-up is that he is facing a problem that cannot be contained in his world of self-centered soundbites.

Americans are not stupid.

They have come to understand that America is bigger than one man.

They want a President who understands that too.

3 responses

  1. Matt,

    I your writings are great. However, I disagree about Trump not winning in November. I project he will win and win BIG! Personality quirks and tweets aside he is doing such an excellent job as a non political POTUS that even the hardcore career Republican politicians are annoyed at his proficiencies. For the last three years hating Trump has become a National Left Wing pastime and now as the 2020 November election grows nearer the Trump distractors, far left liberal Democrats and anarchist are “all in” participating in desperate last minute attempt to drive him out of the White House. So far, nothing else has worked. He must go! And, this is their last hurrah to get him gone. What amazes me is their angst, frustration and infatuation with his annoying personality traits. They find plenty of fault with the way he conducts himself and the way he communicates and tweets. All the while ignoring and discounting all he has achieved in only 3 1/2 years in office. It seems even more ridiculous, Matt, when you consider President Clinton got a blow job under the table from a young, infatuated, love sick intern. Obama and Hillary teamed up to lie flat out to the American people about the American lives lost in Bengasi. Or, that President Obama before he left office sent $1.2 billion in cash to the hostile, murdering Iranians who robbed us of scores of American blood and treasure. Let me repeat: Obama sent $1.2 in cash to our ENEMY! Yet, everyone is upset about Trump’s tweets!!!

    This ridiculous phenomenon is why he will win big, big, big in November. And, you heard it hear first.

    Keep up the good work, Matt. This community needs your voice.




  2. In the 2016 election trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. But here in the US the electoral college was devised to bring a balance to popular votes and congressional representation. However it is flawed and trump used this flaw to great effect in the previous election. Using Florida Wisconsin Michigan and Pennsylvania to eek out his requisite votes. Trump in order to win the 2020 election cannot lose the states. However we already know these four states have him trailing in the polls against Biden. Which means he must spend more money on the swing states; Rather than spending money on states he can fight. The result is that it will be very difficult in the 2020 election for Trump to gain his necessary electoral votes. There are many reasons why he’s slipping in the states most notably of which is his COVID-19 response. Other contributing factors are his complete disregard for the American institutions which of uphold the law in this country for nearly 250 years. He’s dismantling of the department of justice and complete Inability to lead. The math favorite Trump in 2016 and 2020 it does not.


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