“Write-In Campaign” Gains Traction in City Council Race

The past few articles I’ve written have addressed my desire to bring “at-large” seats to the Fayetteville City Council. Scroll down on the homepage or click here and here for more detail.

One of the main reasons we need this change is the extreme voter apathy surrounding Fayetteville’s City Council elections. A few weeks ago, we had the lowest voter turnout in the entire state of North Carolina for any municipal primary election.

Making matters worse, several of our City Council members are “unopposed” this time around. Early voting is happening now, and election day is less than two weeks away.

The only way these “unopposed” candidates can lose is through a “write-in” campaign from a very organized challenger. Seems impossible doesn’t it? Well, it would be if there was decent voter turnout in these races and we didn’t have Fayetteville chopped up into nine little districts. Instead, the vote count will be in the hundreds instead of the thousands in each race.

The “write-in” opportunity is there for anyone willing to take it. From a political standpoint, it’s a “smart” or “sneaky” path, depending on which way you look at it. Lull the incumbent to sleep so they don’t campaign, gather all your people up and get them to the polls, perhaps in the cover of night. Just make sure they know how to spell your name.

Write In Campaign in District 3

Someone has decided to go all-in on the write-ins in District 3:

Dominique Ashley is hoping that enough voters will write her name on the ballot instead of checking the box for the incumbent, Tisha Waddell.

Ashley’s “write-in” campaign has already gained the support of former City Council member Val Applewhite:

The Fayetteville Observer wrote about the race today. Read John Henderson’s article for some good detail on the candidates themselves.

Mayor Colvin Weighs In

Henderson’s article covering Ashley’s write-in candidacy wasn’t published on the Fayetteville Observer facebook page, a fact that angered the oft-outspoken, local politico, David Guy. Guy took to facebook to vent his frustrations.

In a surprising twist, Mayor Mitch Colvin posted Guy’s criticism to his page this morning:


Applewhite has gone all-in and backed a 24 year old write-in candidate over the incumbent, Tisha Waddell. That’s got to sting a little bit.

Mayor Colvin hasn’t gone that far, but he’s making his voice heard in his own way. If he backed Waddell, he wouldn’t have posted what he posted.

I’m not willing to say that Ashley has a chance in this race, yet, but I’ve got to give it to her. She’s gained more media attention in a few days than most local candidates get in an entire political season, which is pretty good for not even being on the ballot.

Sometimes gambles work.

If you’re in District 3, bring an extra pen with you to the polls.

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