Do you like free parking in Downtown Fayetteville???

If so, you’re old-fashioned.  It’s time to get with the “new paradigm” and pay up according to the group of experts that were hired with your tax dollars to perform a parking evaluation of downtown Fayetteville:


According to these experts, “too much supply is harmful.”  Really??

My favorite:  “Public resources should be maximized and sized appropriately.”  This is a fancy way of saying your local government should make money off of you.  Get ready to pay a lot more to park downtown.

If you want more information, a draft of the study can be viewed here:  parking study report draft 12 28 18 with appendix r revised final draft (002)

At first glance, the study seems to imply that the “new Stadium Garage” can be used for baseball games, which we know is not the case.


It will be interesting to see how the City Council reacts and whether any of the findings are questioned.  I’ll update this post accordingly.

To close, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a parking deck that was open to the public in the middle of the bulls-eye???

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