Stuck in the Middle – Fayetteville Airport Poll

The Fayetteville Observer is reporting that our current city council is unhappy with the performance of the Fayetteville Airport.

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When I fly, I appreciate the convenience of flying out of my hometown.  It’s nice avoiding an hour-long car ride when you finally land.  The lack of polish and amenities in the Fayetteville airport never really bothered me.  Still, I’ve driven to RDU on more than one occasion for the (often cheaper) direct flight to my destination.

In the end, I think Fayetteville suffers from being stuck in the middle of Charlotte and Raleigh, but I’m curious as to what others prefer.  Please take the time to complete these polls:


2 responses

  1. I fly out of Fayetteville every time. The air fares are not always cheaper from RDU and I live just 10 minutes from the airport.


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