Cash and Matthew 7:5 (Senate 19)

Wesley Meredith’s negative campaigning against challenger Kirk deViere is beyond ripe with hypocrisy.  In case you don’t live in the 19th District or don’t have a mailbox, TV or radio, here are the two major attacks Meredith has volleyed at deViere:

Attack 1:  DeViere is a “deadbeat” who didn’t pay his taxes.

Hypocrisy:  Meredith didn’t pay his taxes in 1993 and lied about it recently when questioned by a Fayetteville radio program.  When faced with the truth, he had this to say:

“It was a quarter century ago, I’d forgotten about it,” he said. “I went back and checked. It was paid off in under a year.”

DeViere also paid off the taxes his business owed, but that doesn’t matter to a hypocrite, so a hypocrite keeps calling his opponent a “tax deadbeat” in glossy ads.

Attack 2:  DeViere’s business was sued because he stiffed someone out of some money.

Hypocrisy:  In a story the News and Observer broke last night, it came to light that Meredith’s business was sued in 2015 because he hired someone with habitual DWI’s and no license and let him drive his company’s vehicle.  Like clockwork, Meredith’s employee drove drunk and severely hurt someone.  The lawsuit alleged Meredith let his employee sleep and drink alcohol on company property.  Meredith’s response?  There was none:

“The N&O could not reach Meredith despite attempts to reach him by phone, email and through the Republican Party. The N&O first emailed Meredith on Oct. 8”

Meredith’s pretty good at not taking questions from reporters about his past, and we’ve come to expect it.  In the end, when you have hundreds of thousands of more dollars than your opponent, you don’t have to answer for yourself because you can buy a bigger microphone, amplifier, or air-horn to drown-out and destroy the other guy.  You can even spend enough to cover the plank in your own eye.     


This one’s free.


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