Fayetteville Florence Update: Cross Creek is Falling; Cape Fear Might be O.K.

They said Florence would be a “Mike Tyson punch” compared to Matthew.   Well, they were wrong.  It was many Mike Tyson punches, for four long days. Southeastern North Carolina woke up today bruised and swollen.  The good news is that we’re catching our breath as the sun peaks out between the clouds.

Cross Creek (the namesake of this blog and the colonial village that eventually turned into Fayetteville) is falling in downtown.

Here’s some additional good news, something you might miss in the coverage:  The Cape Fear River, the subject of an unprecedented, mandatory evacuation is not reaching its predicted levels:


We’re about four feet below the predicted level.  You can keep up with the rising water using this link.

Pray this good news stays good news.




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