Ballpark Time Machine

The plans for the commercial space beside our new baseball stadium have been re-designed, and a proposed building, if finished, will be the tallest in Fayetteville.  Is it just me, or does the concept art look a lot like Cape Fear Valley or any other hospital in the South?

Once constructed, this building will loom over the stadium and hold the attention of everyone heading downtown.  It will become the centerpiece of our revitalization efforts.  Couldn’t we do better than this?

Quotes taken from the Fayetteville Observer :

“The entire building design has rotated by 90 degrees. The pool on top of the hotel, which once faced the train tracks, will now face Hay Street.”

“Jones said a 115- to 120-room hotel will open in 2020. He said he is currently in talks with several hotel companies.”

“The hotel will be of the highest quality in this market,” Jones said.

“Next to the hotel will be 84,000 square feet of office space instead of the 150 residential units.”

“When finished, the office space will be the tallest building in downtown.”

A pool on top!

Plans and costs for this project are literally changing on a day to day basis, so stay tuned.  On to the future Fayetteville!!! (or the past).

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