Local Leadership

Terry Sanford High School principal Tom Hatch recently took to his twitter account to promote masks for the up-coming school year:

Mr. Hatch’s post gained the attention of the Fayetteville Observer. An article followed. The article was posted on the Observer’s facebook page. Lots of comments followed, some good, some bad. They reflect the growing divisions in our community and our nation over the “proper” response to covid.

I wish my kids didn’t have to wear masks in a few weeks. I’d give just about anything for them to have a normal school year. But right now, with the delta variant moving up I-95 to our neck of the woods, into our homes, businesses, and schools, Mr. Hatch’s post makes sense.

Remember, it’s not all about “you” right now. A pandemic affects everyone, and it takes the entire village to defeat the common enemy. In times of crisis, real leaders bring back the sense of community that people need to move forward.

There are no perfect answers to Covid. All we can do is the best we can, together.

Get the school doors open. Mask up and get vaccinated so we can keep them open.

And Go Bulldogs!

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