Get the Damn Shot, Fayetteville

I wrote a post mid-pandemic criticizing Cape Fear Valley Hospital for not assisting enough with vaccination roll-out.

Here’s how it started:

Due to the nature of our for-profit health care system, a tremendous responsibility lies with regional hospitals to help coordinate and distribute the Covid vaccine. Here in Fayetteville, Cape Fear Valley Hospital needs to step up to the plate and save lives in the community that keeps it in business.

Well, Cape Fear Valley has stepped up in a major way. They hit a home run. It’s so good, people are driving into Fayetteville from out of town because it’s so easy to get vaccinated here.

But…today I read this:

This is beyond aggravating. Are we intentionally trying to make 2020 drag into 2022?

The iPhone is finally getting a facepalm emoji

In all seriousness, a selfish, ignorant decision to abstain from the vaccine means you could catch Covid and spread it to a vulnerable person, killing them. And you’re cool with that, Fayetteville?

Local leaders of every race, political party, church and institution need to encourage everyone to get the vaccine. It’s time for tough love.

If we can’t come together to end a pandemic that upended our way of life, then we didn’t deserve it to begin with.

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