“Top of the Ticket” Poll

Today, Governor Roy Cooper extended the shutdown of many businesses and mandated masks in public. You could feel the collective “ughhhhh” arise from Tar Heel guts. Many of us are “over it.” Others vehemently disagree and believe we should fall in line for the collective good. The virus and everything relating to it it are now political. If you think it’s bad now, wait until public school starts (or doesn’t start) in a few months.

Cooper has maintained a strong lead in state-wide polls, but I have a feeling the race for Governor will begin to tighten as the collective patience of North Carolinians wanes in the summer heat. Time will tell, but time is running out. The election is less than six months away, and a poll is in order.

Who do you think will win the race for Governor?

Do you think Joe Biden or Donald Trump will win North Carolina?

Combine your answers and vote:

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