Still Standing

In 1960, Terry Sanford decided to run for Governor. He announced his candidacy in front of the Market House in Fayetteville. At that point in time, Fayetteville was a strategic spot for a state-wide political launch.

Triumph of Good Will: How Terry Sanford Beat a Champion of ...

More importantly, at that time, you could be a champion of civil rights and still use the Market House as a back drop.

There’s one image that’s been on this website from the beginning. It shows a man under the Market House, looking out over Fayetteville. I think it sums up what I’ve been trying to do.

That picture is staying.

Some pieces of the past need to be remembered.

One response

  1. Matt,

    Nice message. Send it to me with the photos and I will feature it. It is a very good spirited message.



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