Meredith Breaks (R)ank – Senate 19

Last week, I wrote about controversial Senate Bill 3 that was passed in the recent special session.  The bill makes it easier for a Republican to win the upcoming race for a seat on the North Carolina Supreme Court by preventing another candidate from running as a Republican and splitting the Republican vote.  For more detail and the text of the bill, use this link.

News outlets caught on to something during the vote.  A few Republican legislators in competitive districts broke with their party and voted against the bill.  Wesley Meredith was one of them.

Meredith is the definition of a party-line voter.  As the “Majority Whip” in the Senate, his job is to keep others on that same line.  He was one of only five senators to score a 100% rating from Civitas for his “conservative effectiveness” in 2017.  So what gives???

There’s only one thing that can explain Meredith’s novel attempt at moderation:  he’s worried.  His district has been “un-gerrymandered” by the federal courts, and now he must appeal to swing voters if he wants to beat Kirk deViere in the fall.

Senate Bill 3 has been vetoed by Governor Cooper.  There will be a vote in Raleigh on Saturday, August 4 to override Cooper and make the bill law.

Do you think Meredith will side with Cooper or have another change of heart?  I have a feeling he might stay on vacation this Saturday.


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